We exist to lead others into a committed relationship with Jesus Christ where they are passionate about loving God, doing good, and being a freind.   


We strive to be a church without walls. Jesus calls for us to go outside the walls to reach the lost and the broken. It is there that the lost will be found. Most churches find it is comfortable to stay within the walls, but we make it an effort to be like the church from the book of Acts, to see our city changed.


WE CAN - We will live life confident, as we lay aside our emotions, knowing that our faith will move God's hand.

WE WILL - We will live life with intent! Nothing just happens. A dream will only be a dream until we pursue it.

WE LOVE - No matter one's history, ethnicity, or current lifestyle we love with no strings attached.

WE HONOR - We live life with respect for our heritage, our elders, each other, and for our country.

WE SUBMIT - We live life dependent on the Holy Spirit's leading.

WE LEAD - We live life as an example for others to follow. We will not do less so others who do not want to do more feel good.

WE PRAY - Prayer is essential to living life victoriously. It is our go to weapon.

WE LAUGH - We enjoy life! We will laugh often, loud, and perhaps for no reason.

WE SERVE - We will place the needs of others before our own. We will make things happen.



Our Launch date was November 7, 2021 but our story started much earlier than that. 


In 1995 Pastor Jerry felt the call to pastoring in his home town at an alter at church camp, he shared the calling with his fiance Kelli as they made plans for the future.  Little did they know it would take 26 years to unfold, but they learned time left waiting is not time wasted.  God prepared them for this church and this community with every step along the way.  In February 2021 God told them it was time, later that year they would start a "focus group" that would quickly turn into a church at their home.  


Home moved to the American Legion in Tecumseh and launched the first official service November 7, 2021.  In three short months God provided a building to call HOME, where we are seeing God move today.


Our story is a great one, but its far from over.  We serve with expectation to see lost souls saved, lives that bound by addiction set free, and the hurting healed, in Jesus Name!  Come be a part and you can experience it too!



Jerry & Kelli Kuhn

Lead Pastors

Pastors Jerry and Kelli founded HOME church from a passion God gave for their home town. They have a true heart for the lost of this city and this area. They want to see lives changed by God and unity in our community.  Their heart is to serve Tecumseh America and see the members serving God together.

Daniel & Amy Young

Church Administrative Pastors

Daniel and Amy our Administrative Pastors take pride in making sure everything runs smoothly.  If there is something that you need please contact them, they make things click around HOME.  We are so thankful for their heart to serve the Lord.

Derrick & Kyia Robison

Associate/Student Pastors

Derrick and Kyia serve HOME in multiple ways. They orchistrate small groups AND lead BASE Student Ministry every Wednesday. Their heart for people is truly inspiring, they want to take Jesus Christ  into schools and lives across this city and continue to work toward the vision of our church.

Tracey White

Children's Pastor

Tracey is our Children's Pastor. Her heart for the kids of our church is truly astounding.  She has a deep desire to see the Word of God planted into the hearts and lives of our children.  Tracey continues to make sure our  children's ministry grows as our church grows.